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La Grange, Illinois Expungement Attorney


Many people may not understand what expungement is, but they understand what it means to have a second chance. At the Law Offices of James M. Chesloe, there is an unwavering commitment to making sure that your rights are protected and that you are not plagued by mistakes or bad circumstances for a lifetime.

What is an Expungement in Illinois?

When you commit an offense in Illinois and receive a conviction it goes on your record. When a record is expunged, it is destroyed. Expungements may be sought when certain Illinois law requirements are met for certain criminal and traffic-related offenses.

Helping Clients Expunge Records in Cook, DuPage and Will Counties

Under Illinois law, some offenses qualify for record expungement. James M. Chesloe understands expungement requirements and can advise you on the necessary paperwork and procedures to follow to have your records destroyed. In some cases, if you are ineligible for expungement you may petition to have your records sealed. Sealed records are not destroyed, but are closed and removed from public record access.

James M. Chesloe can advise on:

  • General Record Expungement
  • Juvenile Expungement
  • Record Sealing
  • Expungement based on Identity Theft/Factual Innocence

If you are ineligible for record expungement or sealing, there are other options available such as a Certificate of Rehabilitation. James M. Chesloe is knowledgeable about the process and can advise you on the matter with precision and efficiency. He will help you choose the best available option and walk you through the process seamlessly. Having a record destroyed can give you a fresh start. Let James M. Chesloe help you move forward with your life.

Contact Countryside Attorney James M. Chesloe to help guide your expungement matter. The Law Offices of James M. Chesloe serves clients in Willow Springs, Western Springs, Brookfield, La Grange, Countryside, Hickory Hills, Lyons, Westchester, Stickney, Oak Lawn, and throughout Chicagoland.

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